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October 10th, 2012

If you’re looking for  nice apartments in Lincoln NE, you will find what you’re looking for in this area. In Lincoln NE, you will find a variety of beautiful apartments to choose from. In this area you will find one, two or three bedrooms apartments, with floor plans that will appeal to bigger families, as well as apartments for only one or two. In addition, rental fees for most Lincoln apartments usually cover some utilities and covers costs for maintaining common areas.
apartments in lincoln ne
Some apartments such as those in West Haven have apartments that have ample space and many great amenities. For instance, there are apartments that have large, open living rooms with a patio and a balcony attached. There are large, open walk-in closets and plenty of space for storage throughout the apartment. Some even have a pantry in the kitchen. Walk-through closets that have a dressing area and a vanity can be seen in some apartments. In addition, there are living room areas that are large, with sliding glass doors that lead on to a spacious patio or balcony. Also, in most apartments you will find unfinished basements that have washer and dryer hookups.

For those who want an apartment that is already set up, a studio apartment can make moving in, easy and fun. Studio apartments usually consist of one room that has sleeping, kitchen and dining facilities and of course a full bathroom. There is also a studio area that can be sectioned off and used for sleeping.

In some areas of West Haven there are duplex living quarters that are designed vertically or horizontally that have additional space for washers and dryers, dishwasher facilities and bedrooms that range from one to three bedrooms. Lofts are also appealing to many. These are high-ceiling apartments that often feature an open floor plan that has no interior walls and a second level that is used for sleeping. This kind of set up is favored by bachelors or bachelorettes.

There are tips that can help you decide which apartment would work best for you such as driving by a certain area on different days and time to find out the noise level of the area. Another tip is asking a local gas station attendant about nearby neighborhoods. You can also find out about crime in neighborhoods by checking online or by calling or emailing your local police station.


November 15th, 2013

moving to nebraska I moved to Nebraska again – should look familiar if you’ve been watching for a while. Good ol’ Nebraska.

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